Reading value form excel column and store in a variable by separating with comma

Can anyone please assist me, after reading value from excel column one after one, how do I store the same value in a variable by separating with comma. After storing the value into a variable what is the way to take the number of values count in the variable.

Hello @vidhan.rpa it is not necessarily storing in a variable with a comma, I believe what you have in mind is storing the values into a list (you can do it byusing add to collection activity). Once you have the values in the list you ccan count the values by using lstYourlistVariable.Count

Hi @vidhan.rpa ,
Try this below approach and let me know if any issues,

  1. Use the excel application scope
  2. Try to put read range activity to get that data from datatable
  3. Use for each row loop to iterate through each row by row in the datatable
  4. Example - column is named as “EmpId” where the data is stored. Inside the for each row loop, use a assign activity like with variable out_EmpId of datatype string
    out_EmpId = row(“EmpId”).ToString

Yes buddy, you got my requirement, but I am new to uipath could you plz provide me the syntax in more details.
Below is the example of my requirement.

Name of the city is column name and values are

Now I want to create variable as vstr_City and need to store value as Bangalore,Hyderabad,Chennai. There may be more city name in the data. After that I want the count of values stored in the vstr_city variable and then write in the another excel sheet.