How to read a data separated by a comma in one excel column


I have this one excel column with called Invoice and it can contain multiple invoice number separated by a comma. I want to be able to read the invoice numbers inside the column individually and assign it to a variable.

Please help me

@adolf.moncawe Convert that column value to string and split it with respect to ,(comma). Then all invoice numbers are separated.

In the same scenario instead of splitting it i need to add those two values and append it in another column.
How to do in that case.Thanks in advance

@niranjanaa_sha Can you explain me briefly with sample input?


In the same scenario,i will have two values say 24,56 in a cell,i need add these two values and put in some other column as 80.i need to loop through the column till the last value present.

@niranjanaa_sha Please check below file. Output is written is Sheet2. Let me know if anything wrong in it. (9.4 KB)

hello @niranjanaa_sha
you have to Split the data in to two parts and then convert that data from string to Double to perform arithmetic operation on it
Follow the images

first get the data from Excel and Split it

Just in Case if you dont know how to Split I am splitting it one part and assigning it to a Variable

Converting it Into Double

All The datatypes so that you wont get confused

Thank you Manju. Its working fine :slight_smile:


A single cell may contain n number of values,we cannot particulary say a cell will have only this number of values.What’s the way to increment this counter value dynamically instead of hardcoding arr(0) and arr(1)

@niranjanaa_sha Check below workflow once. (9.4 KB)

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You are amazing @Manjuts90 :partying_face: This syntax really helped me @Manjuts90.Thank you friend. Happy coding :slightly_smiling_face:

@eshwarsai_ks your welcome bro happy automation :slight_smile:

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