Want comma separated values into variable



Hi All,

I have one column “Number” into excel file, which contains data like 1,2,3,4,5.
I want these value into variable , i.e while first iteration i should be varNo=1 , for next iteration it will be , varNo=2 …so on…

Attaching file for your reference
SampleData.xlsx (7.8 KB)



Can we store these values into array variable


Hi @SagarSB,

Yes you can stored into an array. If you want can able to do the loop with it.



can you please share xaml file for the same…

Thanks in Advance


Hi @SagarSB,

Let me explain what i have done in the xaml.

  1. I assume that the xl data comes as string.
  2. So I have used the split function by Comma and stored into an array.
  3. In the for loop I have displayed value.

File :SagarSB.zip (1.6 KB)



thanks …
i will let you know after checking this solution


Great …its working as expected