Walkthrough – Calculate Client Security Hash - Page 13 ~ 14 [Inconsistent Instruction and Screenshot]

Good day folks!
So I’m working on the REFramework Activity. And I stumbled upon this simple (yet unclear) inconsistency in the documentation PDF of the 2nd activity. On Walkthrough – Calculate Client Security Hash, pages 13 and 14, according to the Instruction is to “Invoke the System1_NavigateTo_WIDetails workflow. Import and bind the arguments.” But according to the screenshot, it is System1_GetItemDetails workflow.
What do I miss? Thanks in advanced and happy automating!

So after researching, I found out this truth, and hope it may help others as well: Just follow the written instructions, and disregard the screenshot on the PDF file. Thanks!

I found this too (and a few other inconsistencies). It’s hard to tell which ones are there to force you to fail and learn how to debug/fix, and which are just documentation errors :slight_smile:


Just so you know, once you finish this assignment you’ll be given the full walkthrough with all of the instructions. They give you incomplete documentation at first so you need to figure things out by yourself.

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