Help Client Security Hash

Morning All

I have done the foundation course, and now we have been tasked with working through the Advanced assignments. I don’t know whether its me or whether there are intentional gaps within the walkthrough to force learning, but im pulling my hair out.

I have managed to get my self up to the point that I Data scrape the worklist from, and I know this works as i had it written to a csv for checking.

The next part which is adding the Assign activity. Question is where am I adding it, Ive just put it at the end of the sequence that scrapes the data but I don’t believe its the correct place.

I have as below for now

If this is in the wrong place please move. :slight_smile:

Hi @Jersey_Practical_Sho,

please confirm, are you using REFramework?


I am indeed

Ok, so we are talking about Dispatcher. as I remember the assignment gave you some short PDD that you need to create a dispatcher process to post the result of scrapping data to Queue.

you can put it in the first run if you use REFramework also you can create a single process only for posting the data scrapping to queue.

it’s up to you.


OK thanks. Think the dispatcher is the Demo Walk through. Attached is the document I am working through.
2.Calculate_Client_Security_Hash_Walkthrough_Short_v1.0.pdf (784.6 KB)

Just about to sack this entire thing off and start over… again