Calculate Client Hash Assignment 1

i have started going through the Walk-through for Client Hash tag, but i didn’t understand the page 13 & 14 screenshot. Can you please tell me what am i missing here??

They say to “Invoke the System1_NavigateTo_WIDetails workflow.:” but when you look it the screenshot, the workflow invoked is completely different. :frowning:

Hi @VenkatDurbha.
Yes. You are right!
The walkthrough and the screenshots may differ.
I suggest that you just focus on doing what is in the walkthrough :slight_smile:

Ya but, Invoke “the System1_NavigateTo_WIDetails workflow.” has used only two “in” arguments but, System1_GetItemDetails workflow has “out” and “In” argument. How is that possible?. Did i do anything wrong or What did i miss? :frowning:

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@ovi Can you please help.

Yes. It is misleading.
Yeah. I think we will be suggesting to @loginerror and @ovi to further improve the documentation/PDD in Academy because many users are finding it hard to follow.
Many users are asking for help from me about this one.
Some users are trying to follow it all without trying to do the workflows with other methods because they are worrying that they might not meet the criteria.
And @VenkatDurbha, I can help you finish it by guiding you. Just message me :slight_smile:


Ya, i had finished till GetTransaction workflow, i just got stuck just by looking at the screenshot. I will surely message you the complete Workflow.

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OKay. Good :slight_smile:
So message me :slight_smile:

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thank you so much for your time :slight_smile:

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