RPA Developer - Advanced Training(Academy 2) Learning Plan

I’m trying to finish this course but I have not done it yet. Can anyone help me?
Thank you.

with wich part ?

Hi @carloshoribeiro,
I can not find files Calculate Client Security Hash,
Do you have any demo (.xaml) files or files about it for your reference?
Thank you so much.

Hi all,
me too !
I feel Academy 2 about Calculate Client Security Hash excersise very difficult, and i don’t knowledge about it,
May u help me , please ! ? Thanks u very much !. I can see file demo (.xaml) about it .May be I’ll know it. :smiley:

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Please ! help me

Guys Nothing… is hard :slight_smile:

If even you are not able to do it then just follow the instruction Calculate_Client_Security_Hash_Walkthrough_Light.pdf .
Everything is there :slight_smile: and it is for your learning so you should give it a try as much possible at your end.

First go through with Process PDD steps pdf then try it at your end if still not able to solve it then consider Calculate_Client_Security_Hash_Walkthrough_Light.pdf.

and once you will submit your result you will get the solution files from their end.

Hope you all will Have a great journey with this #uipath Academy-2. :+1:



Hey guys!

Don’t exist “Calculate Client Security Hash” finished. U’ll create it based on REFramework.

It’s a little dificult but necessary to learn and assimilate the concepts.

I could help with specifics doubts.

Bye and good leaning!

you dont have your assigment resolved ?