Download after loading

Hi Guys,
I want download the files once loading is completed. Based on the data’s loading time is changed so i can’t able to use delay option.
Can some please one let me know what should i do

Do you meaning loading of the page?

Hi @vivek_sivamm,

we can use retry scope activity.


You can combine the synchronizing with a Download bar together with retry scope and let react the bot on Progress. E.g. Download is complete notifications etc. For getting synchronized with the Page load in advance attach Browser, retry scope etc. Will Help as well

Find Here some additonal Info related to the Download prompt bar


use Element Exists activity and indicate any element after successful loading of the page and also specify Timeout field to more value. If within that time the page got loaded then it will download the file.

@vivek_sivam You can use the “On Element Appear” activity to accomplish it.
In the below example, the Click activity will wait until Java pop-up gets loaded.


How to use Element exist
Can you please give some examples


Please find the below thread to get to know more about this activity and also it contains example.

Hi @MartianxSpace
In my case when i click on submit after that only loading will display once loading completed after that only click on download option .
Can you please help me on my case

@vivek_sivam Use Download option as an element in “On Element Appear” then put your Click activity inside the body of “On Element Appear”

Hi @MartianxSpace
Below i have attached my flow, Can you please let me know what should i do next.
When i click on submit below loader will display, Once loader hide after that only click on download option

@vivek_sivam Got it

Sorry, Can you please check now

@vivek_sivam Now put your Click on download activity inside “Do”

When i give like this My loading didn’t complete, it goes to the next flow (download flow).
But i want to once loader completed after only click on download

Hi Guys,
Can some one help me on this


Why don’t you use wait element activity or On element vanish?
You should check waitnotvisible in the property window and add maximum timeout time.

Hi @aanandsanraj
I’m try to use wait element vanish. I have attached my flow. I’m getting below error.
Can you please let me know what should i need to do.


Give more time in timeout property and then check

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