Waiting for evaluation advanced assignment 2

I have waited for evaluation for the second assignment of advanced training over 24 hours. Anyone know what’s going on?



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I’ve have a same problem. I also submitted support case and no one response.

I’ve got the same issue. Anyone from UiPath can support us?

I see same issue for my Assignment 1 submission. Can you please check @ovi .Thanks.

It was graded now.

Thanks for letting me know!

Mine was graded as well.

I also have same issue. It’s Waiting for evaluation and nothing happen. How long I have to wait?

Now it have graded :slight_smile:

same problem for me too.

Me too still waiting for evaluating

did you pass after waiting ?@aleksi.kiviranta

Yes I passed It.

I got a delay in evaluation but got Failed. And everything needs to be checked has been done and looks fine as per PDD. But still evaluation getting failed. Instructor comment below.

Instructor’s comments

Total Items: 10 Completed Items: 10 Correct Items: 0

Any suggestion would be of great help!!!

I have the same issue as the original poster. Uploaded the result for the 2nd assignement 2 hours 30 minutes ago and still no result. The first assignment was evaluated in minutes.

Hi, i have a problem with the evaluation of my assignment 1, i send my task 2 days ago.

I´ve got same problem with 2nd Assigment. It was submitted 1 day ago…

I’m also have the same problem with 2nd Assignment. It was submitted 5 day ago

Clearly more that 5-10-60 minutes of waiting) @ovi idk how it works, but maybe when you call the gods, they can help you)