Waiting for evaluation - Advanced Training Assignment 2

I’ve uploaded a assignment-2 for Level 3 - Advanced Training at today 7:30 am but yet I didn’t get any response. Still it shows ‘Waiting for evaluation’.
For first assignment I received a result within 2 minutes.
Anybody know the reason…!?

Hi @manoj-vkumar

It can depend on the load on our severs. Please be patient.

In case it takes way to long, please contact our Academy Support over here:

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Many things are getting updated in uipath.
Today, the uipath academy got updated (You, might have observed that User Interface of uipath academy page is changed) so your academy compares that email and the email in “amce” website and does the evaluation so due to above problems it might not been evaluated yet. Later you may check out at the end of the day or two. If still not resolved contact uipath guys!

All the best Manoj:+1:



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Ok sure,

I´ve got same “problem” with 2nd Assigment. It was submitted 1and a half day ago. To date, the message still shows waiting for…

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I’ve received a reply regarding an assignment - 2 for Level 3 - Advanced Training and I got certified successfully.
Thanks @loginerror

Hi @MarioJimenez
Check your academy profile.

Thanks a lot!! It was evaluated and I passed!! :clap:t4:

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@MarioJimenez - I am having some issue with my assignment 2 evaluation and was hoping you could help me out with that.

I submitted assignment 2 multiple time and every time I get the same result 0/100 : Failed

I have checked each work item

  • Work items are marked as completed with the correct comment “Uploaded with ID [uploadid]”
  • All the work items of type=‘WI4’ completed successfully
  • Yearly report generated with the appropriate file name “Yearly-Report-2017-DE456232.xlsx”

Did you encounter any issue with your evaluation? Here is the video link of my assignment - UiPath Assignment2 - YouTube

Can you please take out some time to review and see if you notice any issue?


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