Waiting for evaluation of Level 3 Assignment no. 1


Uploaded my compressed workflow over 2 hours ago. Is this a common bug?

There seems to be more of us: https://forum.uipath.com/t/waiting-for-evaluation-advanced-assignment-2/

I am also facing same issue. I have uploaded the zip file for Assignment 1, Message displaying as waiting for evaluation for more than 2 hrs. Please suggest

I am also facing the evaluation issue. The Level 3 - Advanced Training - Assignment pending in evaluation more than 24 hours now. please suggest.

Hi everybody,

I am waiting for my evaluation for 5 days ago. Anybody can help me?

Thanks in advance.


I’m graded. :grinning:

Thanks everybody.

Can someone please help me?
I have submitted assignment and it is processing correct items for me but still i failed. can some one please help me with error finding