Advanced Training Assignment 2 - Waiting for Evaluation

Hello Everyone,

I finished second assignment in advanced training, ziped Dispatcher and Performer in one file, and uploaded solution. Work Items are updated in ACME system, everything is correct (at least I hope so). I’m waiting for evaluation for almost 2 hours - I see status ‘Waiting for evaluation’, I received no email.

Is there any problem with scoring system? I talked to people who already finished course and they never waited for evaluation longer than 1 minute.

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Do you still have it in “Waiting for evaluation” status?

Assignment was evaluated but it took over 4 hours. I passed the test so nothing wrong has happened but if someone needs to correct solution this long period can be really inconvenient.

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Hi Ovi,

I have submitted the assignment 2 yesterday but still in “waiting for evaluation” status. Any suggestions ?

same here.
been waiting for 7 hours already

Same here, could someone help us? I submitted my assignment 1 since Friday and its still under evaluation. I was hoping I can proceed this weekend on Assignment 2. Hope someone could help us.

On the assigment 2 page. it says evaluation takes only a few minutes, but i have been waiting for hours. If it failed then at least let us redo. Now it stucks in Waiting for evaluation status…

Same here, I uploaded my assignment 2 days ago, but it stills waiting for evaluation. Do I missed anything?

Hi Ovi, please help me check my course status.
Thank you very much.

@ovi Hey Ovi ,
I have submitted the assignment 2 for evaluation on saturday and the status is still in “waiting for evaluation”…, Any suggestions??

@ovi, I’m having the same issue, please advise!

@ovi I’m having the same issue, I’ve uploaded my assignment no.1 since friday and still appears “Waiting for evaluation”. Please advice.

Just an update, I got mine reviewed today. :slight_smile: Seems like the evaluation for now will take hours and not minutes :slight_smile:

same here. took 2 days… :confused:

Same here i am also facing this issue from 2 days .

I have submitted the assignment 1 but still in “waiting for evaluation” status. Any suggestions ? @ovi

I have submitted the assignment 2 yesterday (20 hours ago). Still “waiting for evaluation”. is it normal?

I am having the same problem, 1/2 hour since submitted. And the problem is that i know it’s probably going to fail, i already rectify some errors.

Is there any way to cancel the first submit re submit again?

I’m waiting for the evaluation for 6 days and a half, and I still waiting. :frowning:

Does anyone wait for the evaluation for more than 6 days?

I have completed and uploaded assignment 1 about 9 hours ago, but it is still showing waiting for evaluation.