Wait until the delphi sand clock icon ist vanish

Hi all, I would like to make the bot in a Deplhi application wait until the hourglass that appears as the mouse pointer is gone, as I have no other element. How can I achieve this without a fixed delay?

Hi @NHoe
In the absence of a suitable element, you could rely on other checks. What is the expected end result after the hourglass vanishes?
For instance: Is there a report file that gets downloaded to a certain folder? In this case, you could use Wait for Download or File Exists check in a Retry Scope activity and achieve the same result without having to detect the mouse pointer type.

I hope this sparks an idea that will apply to your problem.

There is a status bar that contains a certain text. I also read this out via Get Visible Text in a Do While loop, but the activity runs into TimeOut.