Wait SAP finish loading activity

Hi everyone,

Can anyone help me with this:
I have an activity in a SAP transaction that takes a while to finish, and in the end there is no message or element that tells me that its over, so I can´t use wait elemento appears.
How can I know that it has finished so I can continue the robot?


Hi mig,

Is there an image that exists after completion of the transaction? I know a lot of times in SAP transactions there is a green check that will generate in the bottom left corner after a transaction is complete. If so, you could use an ‘image exists’ activity. Or if there is any other image that is generated after the transaction is complete that wasn’t present before hand.


There is no image, but I think I just made up a solution. I used the get atribute activity in a SAP button. While SAP hasn´t finished get attribut doesn’t work. So after SAP finish, get atribute works and the bot can continue.

Which attribute are you using?

I’m using “name” atribute.

Unfortunatly, SAP stops working with this method and never stops running.
Anyone has other ideia how to solve this issue?

Hi Mig,

Did you ever find a solution for this? I am currently in the same boat with waiting for a lengthy report to generate in SAP. I need to successfully identify when it has been generated without activities timing out or having to use hard coded delays.