Wait for user input before process continues

I need to be able to wait for a user’s response before the bot continues to process the next activities.

How do I do it?


What kind of actions are you looking at?

Wait for action centre task can be used if you are using action centre and only after the task is completed or rejected the bot moves ahead


Hi @Anil_G - the bot will perform some activities, then it needs to wait for user to enter the password should hit ‘enter’ for the succeeding activities to be executed.

Hi @redanime94

Use the Input dialog box activity to prompt like a message box on the screen. Set the values like “Start;Stop” and write a if condition Process = “Start” then give the workflow in else condition give the “Should Stop” activity. Check the below image for more clarification

Hope it helps!!


Rather use a element exists /check app state activity and indicate a element which comes after hitting enter…and give a large timeout so that even if user takes time the bot would wait till then for the element to be appear


Can I not use the Trigger scope?

Ok I got it :slight_smile: using the Trigger Scope I have the below:

I need to put a break inside as it will just keep on looping inside the trigger scope.

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