Solution to wait for the Input Dialog window dynamically

Hi Team,

I am working on a POC and i have configured Robot to ask for an OTP to enter using Input Dialog activity. However, i need to throw an exception when the user is not clicking on OK button for a certain period on the Dialog window.

I am in the assumption that the flow from Input Dialog activity would not move forward until we click on OK or Cancel button.

Any input to this solution would be highly appreciated. Thank you in advance!

Kind regards
Rakshith M

@Rakshith_M There is an Activity called Block user Input. You can specify the timeout and if no input received within that timeout it throws an Error. I hope this is what you needed

@supermanPunch thank you for your response. Glad to hear that. However, as per my understanding Block User Input would block the keyboard/mouse activities for a certain period. My problem was to wait for the Input dialog dynamically and if user enters value into the text-box then the flow should continue forward.

I got a solution to this and the solution is to extract the Input dialog activity as a workflow and set timeout option in Invoke activity where you call the input dialog. Here, if the user doesn’t give input for a certain period of time then the UI path robot will throw an error and we can catch it and send a customized error message. Thank you again for your response.

Rakshith M