After Input dialog inactivity ,series of action (eg:tab,enter, Clicks) to continue after 10seconds

Hi, i am trying to use a input dialog activity (Inside a sequence) giving user Yes,No choice.(I couldn’t use flow decision activity because automation is inside a sequence ) I have no problem with user clicking "Yes"or "No.“But after some delay like 10s, i want automation to contiune and the program just cannot continue. Continue on error was set true but still program get stuck.I am using condition if” String.IsNullOrEmpty(userchoicess) = true "
UiPath expert, Pls advise.Will appreciate a lot.

Input dialog inactivity ,press tab and enter and clicks continue after 10seconds…


Are you leaving the input dialog box withput giving any input and clicking anywhere?

If so the bot would not continue till input dialog box closes