"Wait for Ready Default"

Hi Guys,

I was wondering if anybody can tell me if its possible to change the default value for the “Wait for ready” property?

It defaults to Interactive but i need it on Complete for pretty much everything so it would handy if i could just change the default value?


Hi @clodes2

By Default the value of “Wait for ready” will be INTERACTIVE but you can change the value to COMPLETE or NONE ,if you need it.

Hi Ranjith

Thanks for the response!

Is there no way that i can change the default tho, if i’m changing it 100 times each time i always tend to forget at least once, so it would be great if i could alter it and not have to worry about it!


Unfortunately default values are stored in the designer code and thus would require a recompilation of the code to do (meaning you’d have to have UiPath’s source code - not doable without breaking license and some laws).

I’m wondering though if it would be possible to hook up to designer canvas events and inject a custom handler, essentially creating a plugin that would change the value after the activity has been inserted. There would be some issues to overcome (differentiating between anything that moves an activity [surround with TC, undo etc.] and actual addition comes to mind).

@badita - any chance of plugin support in unspecified future? Would probably need more use cases to be considered though.


Thanks for the response :slight_smile: I figured it would probably be something like that!

Thats an interesting idea tho, and plugins are a great call if that was something that could be introduced that would be great!


You can create a workflow only with the activity that you want and set the WaitForReady to Complete. You can configure other options as well.
Put that workflow in your library. Check this link on how to add workflows to library: About Libraries
Next, drag and drop the xaml file from the library in your project and the preconfigured activity will be added.


Open xaml file in Notepad and Replace WaitForReady=“INERACTIVE” with WaitForReady=“COMPLETE” simply. Open again file in UIPath studio then you will get All Activities’s Peropery set as Complete for WaitForReady.