Change default timeout, delay before/after, mouse click type and other activities

Is it possible to change the delay before/after for all activities for a project or workflow?

Say you are working with an interface that have a 2 sec (network)delay after every action you take.
You now have to go into EVERY activity and set a “delay after” to 2000

This question also goes for other options, like TimeoutMS and simulate click.

If you get to a point where you are thinking of making a robot to change your settings for another robot, I would say there is something wrong :slight_smile:


Hey @Konrad. I had the same issue as you.

I set my Timeout in a config file, and I change it whenever I need it.

I believe this is a good solution.

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Hi there @Konrad,
As noted by @Bernardo_Ferreira, adding these as values within your Config File/Assets is generally considered best practice.

This allows you to modify their values on the fly, should any pertinent applications experience significant latency/performance issues upon transitioning environments/day-to-day.

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Hello @Bernardo_Ferreira and @Mr_JDavey

Can you give me an example on how to easy implement this in my workflow ?

With a config file, your workflow should read the file into your variables at the start of the process, and then instead of specifying the timeout value in each activity you can just enter the variable you defined at the start. If you use assets, simple use the “get asset” activity at the start of your workflow to assign the variable, and again use this variable in the timeout parameter fields rather than manually typing in the values.

But this does not solve my problem. In this example, i would still have to add the variable to ALL my activities instead of setting 1 setting for all of them at the same time, would i not?

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I see what you mean. Adding the variable to every activity would be time consuming.

Perhaps you could suggest to UI Path that they include a delay in their general settings?

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Hi there @Konrad,
Unfortunately, you are correct.

We would generally include the variables as we build, but I appreciate retrospectively adding the relevant values would be time-consuming/monotonous.

In theory, you may be able to build a little script to go through your files and edit the XAML, changing the TimeoutMS value to be equal to whatever you require.

Thanks once again,

Yes indeed… that was the original intent of this post. I just wanted to make sure i haven’t missed anything before doing so :slight_smile:

That would be an acceptable workaround.
I’ve just tried making an activity with 123456 in DelayBefore.
If i search through the xaml file (in notepad) for 123456 or DelayBefore i get 0 results
Seams like it’s not working, or i’m doing something wrong :confused:

Hi there @Konrad,
That is rather strange, I can see:

  • DelayBefore
  • TimeoutMS
  • Delay

I assume Delay is DelayAfter, but yes, I cannot see DelayAfter either.

Oh, apologies, I see you’ve already tested with a value.
I’ll take a further look!

Thanks once again,

Hi again @Konrad,
I have added some dummy data into a component, which I have been able to locate:
DelayBefore=“4213124” DelayMS=“84912413”

Thanks once again,

Ok, then i guess the fault is on my side somewhere… i’ll take a closer look.
Thank you for the help!

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Hi there @Konrad,
Not a problem in the slightest.

Have a fantastic day!

Thanks once again,