Global TimeoutMS for a project

UiPath Studio should have a setting to set the default TimeoutMS for all the activities on a project.


What’s the use case?

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The 30 seconds default Timeout is not needed most of the time. At least in the development stage, I would like to set 2-3 seconds as default TimeoutMS value. Now, if I want to change this property I have to enter it for all the activities.


Ah, I agree. Misunderstanding. Read it as TimeoutMs for project execution.

Also in Production, there are some networks which have limited connectivity. Due to this, Timeout needs to be exceeded at many activities. doing this for all activities should be an option.

I’m gonna try to bump this as, I’m really surpriced this isn’t a thing yet.

It would really save a lot of time to have a variable default timeout.
For most workflows you only need a <5sec timeout and it would save SO MUCH time in the development as well.

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Are you automating web with WAIT_FOR_READY = Complete? The “action” won’t wait the entire timeout and it will start executing as soon as the element is “available” no matter if the timeout is 5 sec or 30 secs or 1 min. Am trying to figure why this is so important… as usually I’m not changing the default timeout … only increasing it for very slow loading actions.

Some times, wait for ready = complete isn’t working. For instance in the case i have right now, the app is “loading → ready → loading again → ready again” and i only wanna do something after the last ready.

But the biggest issue is when i’m developing and testing. Most offent i have a wrong selector somewhere that i need to fix. Then after i fix it i need to test it again (and again and again). After I get it working, I have another seletor that needs fixing and so on.
Every time i have to wait for 30 long seconds unless i manually change the selectors timeout.

I’m sure this is not a problem for very experienced programmers, but for new and not as good programmers, it’s really anoying that you have to wait a full timeout.

Acually thinking about it now, I could also use a hotkey for “force timeout”, that stops the workflow now and gives the exception as tho the event would have timed out.


Yes. Debugging makes sense. Regarding wait for ready what I’m saying is that you should change it to None.

Ok. We should have project settings per:

  • Timeout
  • Delay Before
  • Delay After
  • Wait For Ready
  • Input Method
  • Delay Between Keystrokes

Please add other properties you may consider necessary. @product

For the bold ones may be more difficult to implement. The others are simple…if blank => fall back to the default setting; if overriden use the value.


Hmm ok… i’ll play a bit more around with this. Thank you for the sugestion!

I’d separate InputMethod for mouse and keyboard, if possible.
There are applications that work great with keyboard WM/Simulate, but ignore non-hardware clicks completely.

Rest seems good from my perspective.

Possibly have :


Will think if anything else is required…

Did the ability to modify the default timeout ever get implemented? I still manually change every one of my web activities to have a shorter timeout.


how to change the TimeoutMS property by default its set to 30 second i guess i want to raise it to 1 minute can you tell how to change it

Can we have an additional field in project.json for setting TimeOutMS which is default timeout period for all activities in that project. currently default timeout is set to 30 sec [ non changeable]. But i think it should be configurable with a maximum limit. - while debugging, if anything goes wrong, we need to wait 30 sec to figure out. - else i need to add timeout in each and every activity.

if we have this setting, we can simply update master timeout setting as 5 sec and still configure individual activity to 20/30 as required

Hi @FebinKAndrews

This idea is actually already considered :slight_smile:

I will merge your post with the previous one.

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Great!!- Thanks a lot

It is in :slight_smile: I marked it as Completed.

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