Wait for download activity:The file found but its in use

Hello community!

Iam using wait for download activity to download zip file and sometime the file size is increased and sometime the size is very low.
And i have mentioned the ignore extension also in that activity then too iam getting a error
like this Wait for Download: The Unconfirmed 977910.crdownload was found but it’s in use.

Hey @Priyesh_Shetty1 ,

Try giving a delay in the ‘Wait for Download’ Activity under ‘Timeout’ option in the properties panel.

Also what are the extensions you have ignored.

@Brian_Mathew_Maben the extension name is .crdownload

Hey @Priyesh_Shetty1 ,

Then it may be due to the download process taking longer than expected. After the timeout the activity tries to access the file while its still downloading .So try Increasing the timeout in the activity.

Also ensure that the download folder does not already have the file you’re trying to download

Hey @Priyesh_Shetty1 , try increasing the timeout in the properties of wait for download

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