Saving Excel File From "Wait For Download" Activity Not Working


I am trying to build a project where I download a file to the “Downloads” folder and move that file to a new folder and save it under a new name.

To do this, I’m using:

  • “Wait for Download” activity
  • “Get File Info”
  • “Use Excel File”
  • “Save Excel File As”

I’m running into an error at the “Get File Info” piece. When I get to this activity, I get the following error:

“Something went wrong with an Action. Activity Get File Info (Get File Info X) failed: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

I can’t tell if the “Wait For Download” activity just isn’t recognizing the file, or if the “Get File Info” activity isn’t being executed correctly.

Below is a screenshot of how my project is set up. Thanks for the assistance.

@Garrett_Mindrup - For file movement, you can use Move file activity, which is easy to move one folder another folder.

Happy Learning :slightly_smiling_face:

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I ended up resolving this. I was misusing the “Wait for Download” activity. I put my entire process that leads up to the file download inside The “Wait for Download” activity. What I was supposed to do was only insert the “final” click that executes the file download into the “Wait for Download” activity. Doing this enabled my process to actually recognize the downloaded file.

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