Process comes and stuck at Wait for Document Validation Action and Resume

Hi friends, im facing a problem that when i run my workflow, it creates a validation action in action center, but when it comes to ‘Wait for Document Validation Action and Resume’ it just don’t do anything not even suspends the workflow, it will be like stuck there. i validated the data in action center and submitted, but studio just shows stop button and not resume button.
may i know what is the problem.
i have already enabled support pursistance


Did you use the long running process template ?

Is the wait for resume in main.xaml only?

Can you properly check the configuration once


did you set support persistance = true
and in the wait for document validation action and resume did you pass the correct taskID?

basically when you call creation validation action, it will return a taskID
this taskID should be added to a list

then after all the tasks have been created, you should use parallel for each to loop over the list,
inside the loop call Wait for Document Validation Action and Resume’ and pass in the taskID

Hello friends, i got the was because of the system activities. Use System activity 22.10.6 or below. System Activities 23.4.2 and above has this bug.

Thank you everyone for your help.

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