Wait for Document Validation Action and Resume has been suspended for too long

Hello, I have a process where it usually automatically resumes after being suspended on Waiting on data validation action for several minutes. After a few weeks I noticed that it is not resuming anymore even after a day or after a week. It is stuck on being Suspended and even after I try resuming it will just go back being suspended. Kindly help. Thank you

HI @Mepeyn,

This can happen if action center task which put the process in suspended state has not been completed.

Can you verify once if task is completed in action center so that process can be resumed?


If you go to the information button on the job it should tell you what it is waiting on, that could help you narrow it down?

Hi Sonali,

In this process, we dont use the action center to resume the process. After a while it will automatically restart the process. That’s why im confused right now on why it’s not restarting the process.

Edit: Sorry i was confused on another process. I think i will try to validate if the action center has been done. Thank you for this

Hi Jon,

I tried looking at the information but there’s nothing on it. That’s why i’m not really sure on what’s happening in this process.

Are you using the wait and resume activity then? Not for the wait for validation activity?

The activity that would just wait, for say 10 minutes or whatever time span you indicate was broken and wouldn’t resume automatically. I got it fixed by UiPath a few weeks back, its possible they break these things again though so always worth seeing if there is a bug :stuck_out_tongue:

If you are using the activity that waits for a document validation there is an action/task that must be completed before it resumes. Every job should show what its waiting for.
If you can’t see any triggers something really weird is happening…


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Definitely will look into this. haha I had this problem since starting november and it was running last october for a month. however I think I might have found the problem. I think someone might have changed the asset for that activity where it should be ‘false’. I saw it was on ‘true’ so maybe that’s why the classification validation is waiting for an action… :sweat_smile: Will update on this tomorrow after testing it. Thank you for your response!

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