Wait Attributte Sometimes doesn't work

I’m using the ‘Wait Attribute’ activity as is shown bellow.


Last week, I tested my robot end-to-end and it was okay. But today I tried to run it and it ended up in a error in this activty, after the timeout was exceded, the following error shown in output:

‘Attribute not supported by the current UiNode.’

However, I brought the two activities (Find Element’ and ‘Wait Attribute’) to a isolated workflow and run it, and it worked as expected, without any change on the activities (I ran the workflow with the checkbox checked, and when I unchecked the checkbox it finished the workflow). My theory is that it has something to do with the container that they are inside, but I couldn’t understand why. Could somebody help me please?

Hi @Joao_Vitor_de_Souza

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Refer to the Thread below.

Praveen Kumar