VLOOKUP taking too long linking 2 files

This is more of an Excel question but I thought I’d try my luck asking!

I’m using Write Cell activity to populate the top cell in a column with a VLOOKUP formula. After that, I select the range underneath that top cell and use Type Into to simulate the keys Ctrl+D to copy the formula down to the rest of the cells. The issue I have is when I use Uipath to do this, Excel seems to get ‘stuck’ trying to link the 2 Excel documents (I’m performing a vlookup from one doc to another).

Screenshot of the linking process which seems to be getting stuck and taking too long:

Linking Excel

Does anyone know what I’m doing wrong? When I try to manually perform this process in Excel, the vlookup runs really fast but this isn’t the case when I ask Uipath to do it?

Screenshot of my code at the moment:

Hi @kerri.tiam2

You should try the built-in Excel activity - Auto Fill Range

Thanks @GreenTea , I tried it but it’s still taking a long time unfortunately.

Hello Kerri,
Here I have multiple ways how to do VLOOKUP (including multiple files):