VLookup on large data

I am using Lookup activity to perform vlookup, but it is taking long time when there is large amount of data…any alternate for this please?

Mayb you can share some sample data with us, so we can check e.g. for a LINQ approach.

Hi @ppr

Please find the sample docs

ECC to investigate (08).xlsx (54.1 KB)

op.xls (5.4 KB)

Have a look on the Lookup Datatable Activity

Give a try on the Join DataTable Activity

with the concept of:

Lets assume: find all MatDocs for Transaction Confirm No we would do:

LeftTable: ECC…, Right Table: Ops, Join Type: Left Join
From Join Result we can identify the matches / non matchtes if right table join col is empty or not

As an Alternate we can create a LookUp Dictictonary or writing a custom LINQ statement

can u help me with LINQ statement.
Join table activity is leading to some ambiguity in the output

Sure, we will help.

Please let us fix the requirements

  • ECC is left table, Ops is right table
  • inner join / left join needed?
  • what to return / handling of not found / existing value

Actually there are many other columns in the ecc excel, i just deleted all the columns and sent only the transaction numbers which has to be matched with transaction numbers in op documnet. i need all the columns in ecc document to be as it is and then check the transaction numbers in ecc document with the transaction numbers in op document. It has to return the material documents of op document into ecc document that has the same transaction numbers in both documents