Vlookup+ New Column Range Help!

Hi there, need help on excel. I have two excel sheets (Brian & Alex with exact same fields) that should be populated based on the values on “data” sheet. More of a vlookup. However if the date in “column c”- data2 sheet matches the date in “column c” Alex/Brian sheet then the vlookup values should be appended on column c in brain/Alex sheet. If the date is different, a new column should be auto-created before column name “YTD”. Similar to column C&D in Alex/Brian’s sheet and vlookup values appended to it. That’s my challenge.
Vlookup is column B in Alex/Brian sheet against “Data2 sheet”
test data.xlsx (33.0 KB)
Please help.

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Hi @Jonathan_Mbiriri !

I am trying to answer to this interesting challenge, just to be sure may you confirm my reformulation ?

  1. In Data2, check if there are several dates.
    If there are several dates, then everytime there is a different date we add two column:
  • row 1, on two merged cells the date
  • row 2, on two separate cells “Payments” and “Vendor”.

We do not need to copy paste the whole columns, we might as well keep it empty (?)

  1. Everytime we add two columns, for the Payments column we need to add

  2. Do you confirm that the names in Data2 sheet column E and F are exactly the same as the sheet names (sensitive case) ?

  3. Where do we add the amounts ? Example: in Data2, line 2, Alex has 1056,95 for Administration 1000L. Does that mean that the amount has to be added in Alex file ?
    → If yes at column Payments right ?
    → If yes at which cell ? C19 ? C50 ?

Hi Hiba,
We are only interested in the month, so if its a new month, we add the new columns , just before YTD with the payment & vendor name beneath it (Row 2) Similar to April 2022.

So long as there is no value for an item, we can keep the cell empty.

The names in Data sheet are exactly the same as sheet name.

I’ve struggled with it. This is the nearest version though its taking forever to loop through.

WIP_Automation.zip (21.1 KB)
(The above was just an extract)

Hi @Jonathan_Mbiriri

It’s still unclear for me.
Is this the final output for the first row ?

(like we keep Ivan or we remove him ? and we always have at D and F column the name Brian ?)

Yes. That its