How to VLookup two excel columns, and take a third aggregate value

I have to run the Vlookup between two columns,
but take the data for a third column. (to the left of the main value).

FILE 1 -------------------------------------------------------------------------FILE 2

Starting from File 1,
I have to look for the value “Purchase Order” (col. “B”)
in file2 in the column “Approved Value Po Number”, (col. “A”)
and I have to get the value present in file 1, in column “A”, “Service / Time Sheets”.

in my file:
I wanted to understand if there is a better way than to write the vlookup on excel.
therefore I have to create a new DataTable with all the values that match in vlooup.

Can anyone help me with this?

Hi @AaronMark,

Can you try to use look up Datatable inside for each loop.