Vlookup is not working when a datatable copied in to excel and write vlookup function in the excel

Column K contains Vlookup function which will return ‘Y’ or ‘N’ depending upon the value in the C column. Even though the C7 and C9 contains the same value K7 gives value ‘Y’ and K9 gives value ‘N’ (which should be ‘Y’).

Data type of C7 and C9 is the same.
Actually, after the robot run, all the values in the column K becomes “N”, even though the output should be “Y”. Vlookup function is correct and when we double click on the C column values, we get the correct answer.

This happens when we write the data table to the excel.

Could anyone help on this ?

May I know how the value was passed to the datatable especially to that particular column before writing that to excel file

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