Vlookup Formula doesnt work, remains as if it were 'Text'


I’m using Write Cell activity with a combination of variables within a FOR EACH ROW.

“=VLOOKUP(I” & MyRow+2 & “,Sheet1!$A$1:$B$46,2,0)”

When I open the file that is exactly what it reads, I have to press F2 and then Enter and only then, it will display the result…



I haven’t tried this yet, but maybe have it select the cell and then enter the formula in the formula bar instead of directly inside the cell?


use write cell inside excel application scope. workbook write cell not work for formulas


Thanks I’ll try this :slight_smile:


Thanks it is within the excel application scope. is there any other way to replicate what the formula does with a Data table?


No, as far as I know. Datatables have different rules than Excel formulas and don’t see the formulas as formulas. Therefore, Excel needs to opened in some form in the background or visible.

It would be nice though if it you could place the formula in the datatable. =)


Alternatively search forums for vlookup - it’s a common question :wink:


OH yeah :slight_smile:
For some reason I was thinking JPZ meant place the vlookup formula into the datatable.

Glad someone is on the ball!