Visual Parallel Activity


Is there any chance to make an activity similar to a Paralell that would be available to use it in a Workflow?


Can you elaborate?
There is a Parallel activity useable in workflow.

Hi Andrzej,

I mean, there is a parallel activity and for sure you can use it in a Workflow (see screenshot)


But it´s not visual in a workflow, you need to include the logical of each paralell activity inside the activity.

I imagine in my mind something like this:


I had a similar feeling about the For Each activity and some others, and so I agree.

What I have started doing is using my For Each as the container of the Flowchart (place the Flowchart in place of the Body sequence). So, I’m wondering if that would be a good approach (placing flowcharts in the Parallel), where the Parallel is the container of the flowcharts which will all show side by side.

Note: Parallel only works well using Invokes in each side, though.

Reason for activities appearing collapsed (and unexpandable) in Flowchart is in how it is designed. It suppresses expansion of designers completely and only solution (workaround, actually) is to provide designers that are not collapsable (Assign is one example of that) OR rewrite the whole Flowchart (which btw has one of, if not the most complex designer in the whole activity library provided by MS).

@Brett22 - what you’re asking for is not feasible with current logic of how Workflow Activities work - an activity can only control what is in their scope, meaning that everything that is parallelized needs to be “inside” of it. This coupled with how Flowchart works doesn’t make it possible to do.

Using the workaround mentioned above, a separate implementation of Parallel that is not collapsible might be possible, but I don’t know if it would be worth it just to have it look better in Flowchart context, weighted against downside that it cannot be collapsed (and that it would require a reimplementation, introducing parallel inheritance hierarchies which is pretty bad on it’s own).

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