Visual basic Command line to start Uirobot with out orchestra

Dear Sir/Madam
I’m trying to run mai.xaml / .upk / orr .json file from visual basic
I can open the .xaml file but need to make it run.
With the following code I can open the two programs
Process.Start(“C:\Program Files (x86)\UiPath\Studio\UiRobot.exe”)

What I gathered from Internet is using bat file which we can not do due to security reasons

Can some one pleas help me because I am at wolds end

Hi @CobusDuvenhage

Please see here for the list of command line parameters for the Robot service:

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Can you try to run with bat file? There is two option you can try using xaml file or you can try with nupkg file. Here is syntax.


Hi Anand

Thanks but I do not want to use a bat file.

I’ve solved the problem with Visual Basic



Hi @CobusDuvenhage

Feel free to share your solution and mark that post as a solution to this topic. This will help users in the future :slight_smile: