I want to run .xaml file using command line with UiRobot.exe

Can someone help me to understand this concept
i want to run .xaml file using command line of visual studio.In this case i dont want to use orchestator.

its like one xaml will accept one input argument and any collection (example - Data Table ) will be the output.

One session should handle multiple request

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This article will help you to know more

and this is for your reference

if this solves your query then mark this as solution.

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I understand this one and tried and tested.Worked for me.

However,i want to go beyond this.
I want to start UiRobot.exe session

then execute multiple requests example below

connect UiRobot.exe
-file Mail.xaml input
-file Main.xaml input
-file Main.xaml input
Disconnect UiRobot.exe

This i want without orchestrator


Use task scheduler and configure bat file here.