Virtual Machine Automation

We have one process installed and running on a VM. It calls some applications and does everything seamlessly; however when the VM gets closed, both are terminated.
Can any one please find out what options we can work on to resolve this? To make process unattended (We have license for the same).

Hi @varun_sai

Please refer to the documentation provided by uipath below.


Hi @varun_sai,

This is quite a typical robot setting issue. It should be an easy fix.

If you are using Modern Folders always remember that all settings related to the robot will be linked to the robot user (AD User).

Navigate to the Users page —> Hamburger menu on the right side of the user → Choose the setting tab.

Ensure you activate mark Login To Console with Option “No” as shown below.

  • Activation of Login To Console will allow the robot user to login remotely (Similar to Login Agent in Blue Prism)
  • Choosing “No” here will ensure that the Unattended Robot activates an RDP session when executing a process.

This means that, lets say you are logged in as a Robot User already into the robot machine. You can enjoy watching the robot perform the process without having to log out yourself. Quite a sweet feature when you want to monitor robot executions.

Read more about Robot Settings here: Robot Settings (

If you are using Classic folders
The Robot Settings can be accessed from
Orchestrator → Robots → The robot you are interested in → Hamburger menu on the robot → Settings -->Activate Login To Console with Option "No"

Hope this helps you and others.