Can I run the robot on VM without remote desktop?

My workflows work with UI on some application, I would like to run this robot on VM without remoting to that VM while robot running.

What should I need to config on this VM?


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Is you are asking about VM to run your process?

For that you need a orchestrator and Unattended Robot License

Install Robot in VM, In Triggers of Orchestrator you can create a Trigger and give the VM to run

This will run the process without any login, as Orchestrator can manage unlocking and triggering your process

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Do you have unattended Robot licenses? You can install the robot directly on a VM then you run the robot from the VM itself.

I just have only attended robot license, but I just want to manual start it by hand and left it run all the step without monitor it all time. Can I do it?

for the unattended license, Is it work even that workflow about open some application to input and work on UI. sorry this application not support for the any simulate action.

Hello @asiriteeratananon, yes you can do that to the attended robot. Please do note that you need to trigger it manually first.

Yes, the unattended license will be able to open application to input work on Ui. Ofcourse you need the UiPath Orchestrator for this. The unattended robot license will run and act only as Attended without the UiPath Orchestrator.

Thank you for your answers.

In my case, I have only one license for Attended Robot and I install it on VM. I use the Remote Desktop to remote to VM and running the workflow. everything fine if I didnot close the Remote Desktop while workflow execution but when I close it, the workflow will throw the exception of selector is missing. robot cannot access to UI if I close the Remote Desktop.

what should I do?

Yes, the workflow will close. You need to make changes in the registry settings in order for you to not have the selector Issue.

Let me get back to you on that

@asiriteeratananon check this out

Thank you.

Is it work for windows server version or just windows 10?

Will work for both. :slight_smile: Please select my answer as Solution if it works :slight_smile: