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Hello, community,

Just a quick question I have been researching and there was no direct answer.

We are partnering with UiPath as a company, but currently, we still using the community edition orchestrator that allows us to use 2 studio licenses and 1 unattended until we complete the agreement.

We have installed unattended robot on a server through RDA, and it runs perfectly when the RDA is open, but when we close it, some crazy things happen. It won’t detect the elements of buttons to press.

We have tried SimulateClick and SendWindowMessage, Login to Console, Editing resulotion and depth, but with no luck, somethings work, something dont.

I was hoping to get this answer:

Why the Unattended robot is not logging in to the server and working as if we opened the RDA?
Is it because the Community Edition doesn’t support logging in and Enterprise Edition support that?

Note: We run the process from Orchestrator, and it is Unattended robot Community Edition.



Did we check with this document

cheers @Salem_Ababneh

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Hello @Palaniyappan,

Thanks for the quick response, and I will take this into consideration.

But my note was on how to make the Unattended robot login to the virtual machine as if I have RDP opened, because we won’t have it minimized or even.

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yes same like it is quoted
–being in your machine with a studio or another other machiine with a robot alone the process if included with these steps it will login to the RDP like we do
–that is use a SEND HOT KEY activity with key as win+r
–then use TYPE INTO activity where type as “mstsc” which will open RDP Wizard to login
–then again TYPE INTO activity with username and password
–with send hot key activity as enter it will get us to the RDP screen
–to ensure tthat it is set with full screen we can use MAXIMIZE WINDOW activity and to change the position of the screen instead we can use MOVE WINDOW activity

Cheers @Salem_Ababneh

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Is this how it is done to run service on a VM? through RDP?

I thought that the Unattended robot on the VM will run by itself from Orchestrator then login to the VM, then do the activities assigned to them.

Because we are doing this so we don’t occupy any physical machine that we have.

No you don’t at all,

in the Robot settings I believe you you set it as Login to Console, just make sure the Robot has its own account with admin rights

read this

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Hello @Jersey_Practical_Sho ,

Thanks for the info.

We have did a quick test, installed an Unattended robot on a laptop and gave it the Username and Password for the admin, and then locked the laptop (Win + L.)

Then from the settings we Enabled Login to Console for the robot, then we ran a demo process from Orchestrator, it started the process and finished (with success) without even logging in to the laptop.

Is it like this? Or there is something wrong with our setup that is not making the laptop to login to a user?

Because when we run more complicated processes they get stuck on “Cannot find the UI element corresponding to this selector”

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Found the solution, it turns out that the community edition won’t login to the laptop, so I Uninstalled then installed the enterprise, and checked login to console.

Now it is working perfectly.

Thanks guys

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