View log of every activity that Robot performed in Orchestrator

Is it possible to view each step/activity that you robot performed during a job in the Orchestrator? This would greatly help troubleshooting where a robot went wrong.

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Hi @ramirezp

Yes it is possible to view all the logs at runtime in Orchestrator in transactions level logging

I hope this helps

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Hi @ramirezp ,
Multiple options in the Orchestrator as follows
From the Jobs page, for an indicated job:
click the corresponding More Actions button, and then View Logs
From the Robots page, for an indicated Robot:
click the corresponding More Actions button, and then View Logs
we have transaction Items in that right side you have view logs for each transaction at each step level where you have put the log message activity
Note-always make sure that you add log messages to your workflow/sub processes/.xaml files at least at the start of the task/sub task and at the end of each task

Apart from this you can also design system level logs and dump into excel sheet with date and time stamp added and all the references required for the process

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To expand on my question – is there a way to view the logs without using the ‘Log Message’ activity? If yes, how do I enable that in Orchestrator? Ideally, I would like to see when the robot starts and ends each and every activity of
my workflow without having to use the Log Message activity between each line.



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Dear @ramirezp,

When you are using the Re-Framework designed by UiPath in your project then the logging is automatically designed and logs are enabled ,but if you want your process xaml files that are designed by you should also have logging enabled then you have to use log messages activity to see at what level(trace,Info,fatal,error)the robot has went into exception or successful.

There are some default logs displayed at robot level and jobs level but process step level if you need it then you have to use log messages and customize it accordingly

I hope this helps[Logs in the Orchestrator]

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Noted. Thank you srishsai!

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