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I need to create a following table in an excel sheet!!!
PLEASE HELP… its urgent.

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Hi @hacky
well you can copy the entire sheet from the current one you have and paste it in the new excel file with start process and send hotkey with ctrl+a and ctrl+c, because it has lot of merged cells and ofcource intermerged cells…oooh
once after that you cant enter the values to the corresponding cells with write cell buddy
May be there must be some other options, but copy and pasting the current format to a new excel and then entering the value to its cell is what i feel as feasible personally

Cheers @hacky

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think he needs to create the data, so copying it from existing sheet is not feasible. Also, the PreserveFormat option in the Read Range may work for formatted cells, however I can’t say that I have used that option yet.

To the point @hacky,
I think it might be useful to know where this data is coming from, because you are only sharing what you want to create. Or are you needing the robot to make this from scratch and replace certain values like Current Month and Previous Month? Or maybe you have a template, and you just need to replace the certain values?

It will probably require some range calculations for Select Range or Write Range alongside some alt-key combinations to perform options from the menu ribbon such as Merge Cells. If, for example, you build many small data tables (like the 4 column one with Critical, High, Medium, and Low), then you can write them during a loop.

I think we will need more info, like where this data is coming from and how you want the final data to be. And, unfortunately, I am not sure I will have time to solve this complicated question. :smiley:


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Hi @hacky

Could you please elaborate.

It’s urgent so do you have time to create/ run macros from UiPath as required?

DO you already have a table that needs to be replicated/created/copied or do you need that to be created in real time by the bot?


adding to @ClaytonM’s points, looks like you have given only headers is that correct.? if yes, and if you the data is coming from different source we can also achieve this by using write cell for header and we can always apply formula’s and generate data table and since you will be adding headers with write cell you will also will have count of which cell is empty, so you can just write your data table from that cell without adding headers into it.