How To Paste a DataTable to a formatted Excel

Hi all,

I need to copy data table and paste in a formatted excel. And then rename this excel.

Because of i don’t want to make all this format for all excel.

Is there anyone who know how can i do that?

Please make sure that you’re Googling first to check to make sure that the documentation cannot answer your question. You may also want to go through and take the developer trainings as they will also have this information.

For what you’re looking to do, Write Range is probably your best bet.

hi @dmccammond
Write range of course, this activity let you write the entire data table in the format it has

Hmm formatted excel is like does that have any different format from the datatable we have, for example are the column structure differing from each other

If not then we can directly use WRITE RANGE activity


If there is a change in them then we need to write to those cells with FOR EACH ROW loop

Cheers @mazlumkacar