Verifying Results: I can't see the Hash Key in the Comment section after Update


I’ve just completed development and initial testing of the Client Security Hash (CSH) assignment. The Robot runs the process and updates all the records. I’ve verified the number of records updated with “Completed” status matches my manual counts before I let the Robot loose.

However, when I revisit the updated records and check the WI Status, or when I hit the Update Work Item button manually, there is no sign of the Updated Hash in the comments column. Here’s a screen grab:

But I do see the Robot updating the Hash in the WIs! Am I missing something? Or is this normal as part of the Assignment?


Figured it out!
I see it!
Issue was during the test, some of my records got updated with the Hash Formula instead of the Hash Key (was passing a wrong variable!)

I can see it now. :slight_smile:

Will reset data and test.

That time of the weekend! :frowning:

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