Evalutation of Level Assignment 1, SecureClientHash


I just turned in the zip file for my SecureClientHash project. However, I received 0 points.

When I check the work items int acme-test online, I can see that all of my items with WI5 are indeed marked as “Completed” and they have the right hash. I check the hash by manuallly going to sh1-online.com and typing in the hash formula and comparing it with the work items.

Anyone knows anything about what to do?

Hi @bmildh

Can you post a screenshot of the feedback you got when submitting your assignment?


Feedback? There is no feedback. I just got one email saying:

“Your assignment for the following course has been evaluated:”

I check back on my academy training online:

Please click on the > next to the ‘0/100’ to see the feedback on the grade.

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Ah, I can see now. The email I was looking at was from midnight, the first version I submitted, and this one did indeed have the wrong hash. The new version has been submitted but must not have been finished yet.

Sorry. My bad.

Best regards.

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No worries.

Best of luck on the rest of the assignments!

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