VB6 Application | Selectors

I have a old VB6 application that I’m trying to get elements from. Few issues I have

  1. When I use GetText activity and select the field - it highlights complete application, not just the field. For this matter, only certain section of the app does this - others are selectable.
  2. If I use Find Image activity, and I highlight the image I want, it comes back to UiPath Studio empty. Nothing selected, same with Image Exists. Just empty with exclamation point stating it’s missing.
  3. If I start with “Screen Scraping” and I select the area, it comes back empty again.

Now, some fields in the application are selectable (like I said), some not by clicking on the application and some by clicking the application, but instead using UiPath Explorer and manually drilling on the visual tree, starting with application we need.

I can’t share the application screens because it’s proprietary, but wanted to see if anyone else had this issue and how they fixed it. I’m stuck at this point, because option I had in my back packet was OCR and it’s not working.

I’m using 2018.1 and have tried it with 2018.2 as well. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Have you tried with the recording tool ? Is not citrix but using citrix recording maybe could work.

Nothing works - Citrix Recording, as you click through or screen scrape, once you are done and go back to Visual Studio, it’s empty (like as if you didn’t do anything).

If I use “Attach WIndow” and I “Indicate” my VB6 app, it comes back empty. Then I retry by indicating something else, like IE browser, it works … then I try again to change it from IE to VB6 app, nothing - it keeps IE as my attached window.

It’s like it does not exist.

NOTE: it does highlight the app when I select “indicate” but when I click to select it - nothing happens.