VB expression in "If/Decision" or "Dowhile"

Hi! Please advise me how to express VB in “If/Decision” or “Dowhile”.

I want to separate flow when error message appears or not.
I assume using FindText for error message or FindElement for like “ParentID=message”(shown in html).

Also advise me if I should use other activities.

Thanks, in advance.


You need to mention the condition there
In your case, you can mention like Parent ID = “message” or if it is an integer number you can mention as Parent ID = 3

Hi @sarigam
Thanks for your reply.
I’m working on it but neither
won’t work.
The Selector shows as below.
webctrl tag=‘LI’ isleaf=‘1’ parentid=‘message’ /
How do I fix this?

Did you tried with ELement exists activity?. If no please try with it. It should work.

thanks @sarigam
I have tried with ElementExistActivity but still not working.

Would you please check if the expression is written correctly?


First get the message using element exists, in the output variable. After that check the output in the if condition

Kindly refer to the below link.

This would really helpful for you.