Element Exists with If decision

Hello Everyone,
I am reading Records from an excel sheet and iterating them into fields.
sometimes the Records are wrong and when i use ‘send hotkey(enter)’ a pop up message appears. so i have created an if decision on my flow to say basically “if pop is true” (element.equals(TRUE))" > then click okay’ but it only works if element doesn’t exist. Unsure what i am doing wrong. here is a screenshot:

Hi @Rowley101,

Are you saying that if the pop-up comes up then the True part of the flow decision will executed?

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Can you share what is the condition in your Flow Decision Activity?

It should be (boolean variable from element exists activity) = True



Yes, but when it doesn’t it will just ignore that activity, go to false and go to the next sequence


Hi @Rowley101,

Okay fine. Please try with Element Exist activity. You will get an output from this activity. Now use If condition. If Yes then your true activity otherwise execute the activity.

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Your flow looks fine and your decision on the element exist should work.
Can you share the properties of the element exist?

i am using an element Exists activity as well as i am using an if decision.
Exactly the same as in my original screenshot


Hi Rowley101,

All you variables are in same scope ?


hi @Luis261980

yes all in same scope

HI @ImPratham45

isnt the exact same as element.equals(TRUE) ?

It is , you actually just use element (as If statement default to check for True boolean)

You have checked the output of the element exist activity by passing, out variable of that activity in message box , after the element exist activity??..

Are you able to expand the Target property and share that also?


If you are using element exist then your string must be a boolean and you just need to take your boolean “element” to your decision you dont neet true or false becouse will come already