Condition checking for uielement variable in on element appear activity

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While using on element appear activity, we will be getting variable type uielement. And then if we use if/else condition or flow decision to check whether the element has apperared or not, what condition should be given as it is not taking boolean condition and also uielement cannot be converted to boolean.
Please help with this
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If you use On Element Appear activity then it wait till for particular element appear and then it will proceed further.

You can use Element Exists or Image Exists activity and will give you output as Boolean variable. If it is true then proceed further else stop process.

Thanks for the reply.
Element exist and image exist also giving uielement as variable.


No, It will give output as Boolean. Please check below image:

For your reference:

Its working thanks
Can Element exist or image exist be used in remote desktop?

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Use Find Image activity for Remote desktop. But it will return UiElement variable.

Yes in that case how can we check the condition.
Please help.