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I though about have a panel with the current value of your used variables. It would be really nice to see which value has your varaibles in a exact part of the code. I really don’t know if it will take a lot of resources, but I guess that if its possible to do, it would help a lot. For example, I have done many times a write Line activity to see the current value of a variable in one specific part of the code…

Thank you for listening.



Hi there @Pablo_Sanchez,
This feature already exists when debugging.

The panel is called “Locals” and displays the values of all primitive variables.

Please see the below:

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So, close the post who is able to do, please :slight_smile:

Sorry for the disturbs


Hi there

Please add the ability to sort variables A-Z with just one click.

That would make things easier.


Awesome idea @Zac , It would be very useful


Click the header.


Hi Badita

Thanks, I already saw it.

Thanks for your effort!

Enjoy your weekend.