Evaluating Variables



I suggest you to add a panel in which We can watch and evaluate the variables value . It will make us easier finding errors

Variable value evaluation at activity level

If you use logging correctly in your processes this is not required. However, I have raised with UiPath the possibility of automatically logging any variables that are created at Trace level. Personally I think a separate panel would be overkill.

@badita what do you think?


Do you mean at runtime?

Because there is something like that in Debug Mode.


hey @Lucky0906

as @Cosin said: [quote=“Cosin, post:3, topic:1755”]
in Debug Mode.

you can see this thing :slight_smile: for debugging purpose you will need this thing.

In debug mode you can see the above things [quote=“Lucky0906, post:1, topic:1755”]
can watch and evaluate the variables value



Hi askh1yadav,
How to I get to the Name and Value to watch a variable.


Go To Locals tab (bottom of your screenshot)


We’ll extend this for datatables, collections, dictionaries.


Having a watch window would be a great idea, just like in Visual Studio we can then figure out the exact value to be placed in the code.


If you can do a Locals Windows (like in Excel - vbe) where we can see all the values of an arrays, a dictionary, attributes of an objetc etc. it would be a GREAT plus for UiStudio, thanks in advance. :slight_smile:


i need to extract only three columns form my excel sheet of 10 columns.
can anyone help me doing this.
Thanks in advance