Value of last row

i want to know the last value of Column in excel.Capture

i want to know the value of rowno 7
that which value is presnt

that meant output should be 7(cell value)

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Hope this expression would help you resolve this
after READ RANGE activity with output dt a datatable variable
In writeline activity

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there is no row at position 6

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Kindly have a view on the above comment changes
Cheers @Ananya1

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BLANK is coming

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Yah you need to have value in that
Make sure the expression used is

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Value is present

nd i have written same code

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i want last value of column I ie 6
and last value of column G ie 8

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By using read range activity,in read range activity give the range Which one you to show on message box…

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u mean i should give range I8

but its not fixed ,might be it can I20

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take ana assign activity and create the variable and assign the expression like"A7:A"+(FullDT.Rows.Count+1).ToString
here "DT"means readrange out put variable…

A7 is not fixed


Check that excel, may be other part of the excel been used. When your are getting value using Read Range activity that will populate empty values of the range is used even if there is no value.

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