Value binding field is missing

since yesterday I am not able to see the value binding field (for label control ) in uipath app design.
I have seen many changes in the designer form.


Check if the orchestrator is automatically updated or not.

There was no issue reported on the UiPath status portal. Try clearing your browser cache and cookies, then open it again. Sometimes after auto update it orchestrator, orchestrator behaves weird until nut restarted and cleared the cookie.

i did all. still issue is thr

Hi @sara_s,

That’s because we’ve removed value binding for display controls and migrated them to expressions! With expressions your data binding for your label will still work the same way when you use an =, you just have fewer redundant fields :slight_smile:

To learn more about expressions, check out this post: UiPath Apps: Expressions GA - News / New Features - UiPath Community Forum

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